Why Nicotine Pouches are now really interesting

There is a really nice and suggesting thing coming from Sweden that I would share with you. There are a lots of useful informations about nicotine pouches on this site, but I will summarize you something to start.

Nicotine pouch could be quickly explained to other people as “nicotine bag”. They are sold inside boxes of different shapes, in most cases round, and within each package there are about twenty or so.

The nicotine pouches are sachets containing nicotine salts and aromas that are used by placing the sachet between the upper lip and the gum in that sort of compartment that we have under the nostrils, above the canines.

In this way the nicotine is absorbed through the gum and enters the circulation in a very different way compared to cigarettes. Just think that when you smoke a cigarette your body absorbs and gets all the nicotine into your bloodstream within 5 minutes of smoking. That’s why hardcore smokers need to light one cigarette after another, to keep the nicotine level in their bloodstream high.

In the case of nicotine pouches, on the other hand, nicotine is absorbed much more slowly but steadily for about 20 minutes, half an hour.

Nicotine pouches are products that come from Northern Europe but are now widely used in many other countries of our continent and are enjoying enormous success in the United States.

Initially, nicotine pouches were produced by companies specializing in the production of snus, located in Sweden, Norway or Denmark.

As for use: in this way you can use nicotine everywhere. It is very pleasant to enjoy the effect of nicotine during a train journey or after dinner without having to get up to leave the restaurant.

Another aspect of the product is the aroma. It is really nice to always have fresh breath and a pleasant minty aroma on the palate, it almost feels like you have just brushed your teeth every time you use it.


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