What are nicotine pouches and why you should know more about them

Nicotine pouches are really common in Sweden, and basically I found only them. Even if some useful information and the way even to buy nicotine pouches online are avalaible on this site.

I tried my first nicotine pouches on a trip to Stockholm. I already knew that in Sweden smoking is a habit that has basically disappeared thanks to the popularity of snus. Walking through the streets of the capital is very rare to meet someone with a lit cigarette and it is impossible to find an ashtray, so it is almost natural to take nicotine in an alternative way, using snus, like a real Swede!

Once I went into the tobacconist’s shop I noticed that there were a lot of products with a very attractive design on the shelves that had slogans that made it clear that they did not contain tobacco but only nicotine. I bought a few packs of different brands and had the chance to try them out.

I have to admit that even after I came back to use them again because I realized that this type of product really brings many advantages, especially to those who, like me, do not smoke a lot and would like to minimize the use of tobacco.

The first thing I thought when I tried my first nicotine pouch was “burn!” Yes, the release of nicotine in contact with the gum causes a burning that, for beginners, may not be so pleasant. Having tried the nicotine pouch directly in the tobacconist’s shop there were several people present and my reaction provoked in all laughter (without me being offended, of course).

Luckily the Swedes are very friendly people, so much so that one of the customers present at the time in the store immediately reassured me by telling me that it was completely normal to experience that burning. He explained that when you’re not used to using snus or nicotine pouches that burning may seem annoying, but in fact, when you become a more experienced consumer, it’s that burning that is sought after by those who use them because it’s a sign that the nicotine is having an effect and people want to hear it loud and clear.

In reality, the panic has been short-lived. After a few minutes, the stinging decreased in intensity until it disappeared completely to give way to a very pleasant minty taste.

The incredible thing is that I felt really satisfied and had no desire to smoke. This effect lasted for several hours until I decided to take another bag.

Already from the second use the burning was much less traumatic, mainly because I already knew what was waiting for me and, in a way, I wanted to experience that feeling again. I know it sounds weird, but that’s how it is…


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