Succede poi che le band ti dicano di sì a un'intervista poi scompaiano: Girls in Hawaii

Se chiunque riesce a farsi rispondere, è bene. Grazie. I Girls in Hawaii hanno questa mia intervista da 3 mesi, prima tutto ok, poi non rispondono più alle mail. Meh.

[If any colleague, even abroad get an answer, you can mail me (above) or cut and paste in the comments. ]

First of all: thanks for your time, guys! We are a blog and a webradio from Italy, and I’m Francesca.


  • First of all, we talked at Eurosonic in Groningen with Scarlett O’Hanna, who moved from South of France to Bruxelles and enlighted how is different the attention towards music and artist in Belgium for her experience. What about your experience? Seems that Belgium and Netherlands are pretty places to make music… but otherwise seems that everybody play music!

  • Second: let’s make a comparison with a cliché. Belgium is even famous for cyclism, and we can say that your time recently has been though. How was climbing this period and if this has changed your approach to music…?

  • Why the name Girls in Hawaii? D’you know that people can expect cheesy babes on stage hearing that, right? ;)

  • Do you have a personal favourite track from the new record? Do you have anything to tell about the recording times?

  • It seems that a big part of the record is very connected to images… how did you choose the videos and the artwork?

  • There is a sort of dichotomy between the lyrics and name of the songs and the very 80’s alike music. Why this choice?

  • You are a band pretty active in live shows and touring. What are the best memories about being on the road?

  • You will play in Italy the 10 of April. Let’s promote it! What we should expect from a GIH show if we never were there before?