Poi succede che gli artisti non ti rispondano alle interviste: Dan Sartain

Anche qui 31 Marzo 2012. Prima o poi stilerò una casistica su “come mai le interviste via mail si perdono nel mare della internette”

Hi Dan,

  • How could you describe your music to the people that still don’t know it?
  • You’ve released on One Little Indian, Too Tough To Live. Your record sounds like we are listening from a radio from Seventies… Why this choice? Would you tell us how was working on it?
  • “Bohemian Grove” was relased through Jack White’s label, and you’ve been supporting White Stripes. Have you got any memories of this contact that you would share with us?
  • What would you be doing if you weren’t playing music? I’m not so good in american geography and if I think about Alabama… well, I could only connect it with banjos and big spaces… how is the place where you’re from?
  • I saw that you’ve stopped with your twitter. What is your relationship with internet as a man and also as a musician?


Thanks so much, have a great time in Italy!



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