How being informed about snus: here is a review site!

Whether you are a newcomer to the world of Swedish snus, or a veteran who has decades in the game, you will find something relevant here for you in this website.

We have to said that with covid issues smoking is less and less recommended, and anyway there are other ways to have a nicotine fix. This is the most effective and to be honest even “trendy” one.

In this website you have the chance to find compiled detailed information about nicotine pouches and snus, and organized it in different, informative articles. You can read all these articles for free, whenever and wherever you want. You can learn more about snus and nicotine pouches as well as keep up-to-date with the latest releases of products and brands. The nicotine pouches reviews will talk a lot about “white products”. For those of you who don’t already know, these are tobaccoless flavoured nicotine pouches. These are obviously a big technological leap forward, allowing you to get your nicotine with a great flavour and without the normal side effects of tobacco, such as staining your teeth etc.It is a new trend in only few countries in the north of Europe are totally informed and up to date. And this site comes from people coming from those countries :)

Nicotine pouches come in the form of small sachets with the product having diversified to tobacco free nicotine pouches. Loose snus on the other hand comes in a loose form packaged in a can. Both however will give you your nicotine fix in the backdrop of some awesome flavours mixed into the product. Loose snus on the other hand is not in a pouch but in its loose form, inside a can. Its flavours and nicotine are induced directly into the system. This contrasts with nicotine pouches, including nicotine free pouches, which do not have tobacco inside the sachet. The nicotine rush in loose snus is faster. Loose snus is however not easy to manipulate once placed under the lip as it breaks apart easily. Loose snus is also not as commonly available as nicotine pouches.


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