Sometimes i would open my chest and throw away all the black you gave me back turning away

@Frannina vero,é1schifo di sensazione,non se ne va,é lì sempre,costante,ti tortura.vorresti farla smettere ma la cura ce l’ha 1altra persona

Hi sweetie,

that’s one of these days where I would say that all is good. But I don’t know how to eat this bowl of rice, I don’t know how to talk normally, I only can write. Slowly. But I can write. So this email can be very short. I imagined it in bed. I was sure to write it already. It wasn’t true, like it wasn’t true that i have already took medications.

I’m loosing a lot of hair too. I would ask you, like when you do it for suit or swimswear, which wig could fit for me. But I can’t because you abandoned me. It isn’t a love issue. You abandoned me. Like lots of people did. But you promised you won’t. This is the issue.

Now I think I will take the pills. But normally I cry about 3-4 hours to sleep. If we would talk about we are like one month ago, it would be easier. Whatever.

Ti voglio bene.





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